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IT Consultancy

At First Serve Solutions we provide a comprehensive range of Consultancy Service offerings to help your business deliver IT projects on time, on budget, and with minimal business disruption.

Our consulting engagement can be stand-alone for a specific requirement or part of a wider longer term journey working with you to evolve your business from a strategic or risk perspective.

We have experience across a wide variety of vendors and can demonstrate our skills through design, planning, and the delivery of both hardware and software.

Often our customers are just seeking guidance and we have previously demonstrated this through the undertaking of IT Audits and Business Continuity planning with some of our customers.

Why First Serve Solutions?

  • Design and delivery of solutions from experienced individuals that can support your business needs and most of all add value to your operation.
  • Assist with the coordination of 3rd parties as part of an overall project delivery.
  • Leveraging on our Insurance knowledge we have strong understanding of key suppliers and their solutions including SSP, OpenGI and Transactor including enhanced business reporting.
  • Transition from a project to ongoing support should it be required.

System Architecture Design

First Serve Solutions have delivered a portfolio of infrastructure design and solutions for its customers. If there’s one thing we know its infrastructure and what it takes to deliver high quality infrastructure services.

Our experience has included full end to end Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualisation technology implementations for our clients including SAN Storage, Servers and Networking.

We understand that changes and evolving your IT infrastructure can be a complex and daunting task. Our detailed planning and phased implementation of any infrastructure upgrade ensures that your business makes a smooth, risk free transition.

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