Business Intelligence


bSimplex Operational Software

  • KPI contact centre reports for telephony combined with operational tasks
  • New Business Reports for Sales and Renewals including contact rates, conversions, returns on investment by marketing sources including premiums and earnings
  • Strike rates on Add on Products
  • Holiday and Attendance Tracker
  • Development of Web Service interactions with third party providers to eliminate manual processes
  • Our passion is to understand your business and use your expertise to transform into state of the art bespoke technology

bSimplex Underwriting Tool

The evolution of the insurance industry sees future participants as ‘data masters’. With investment returns offering little attraction or return the demand on Underwriting Profit is at an all-time high.

The bSimplex Reporting Tool is a data masters dream. It offers a market leading analytical tool to dissect data custom built to our clients business needs with the drive on complete bespoke flexibility. Having the ability to extract data from multiple operating systems and convert into relevant business management information.

Offering the ability for real time account manageability highlights include:

  • Underwriting Triangles produced by rateable factor for incurred and earned loss ratios including account frequency and average premium and claims costs
  • Year of account data by traditional, accident year or bespoke Binder year of accounts
  • Scheme Analysis of Underwriting Results
  • What If pricing and Underwriting Tool allowing previous account performance to be viewed with the impacts on new rates and Underwriting Rules
  • Predictive loss ratio forecaster for pricing and burn costs on accounts

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